We use functional nonwoven fabrics: breathable and skin-friendly like cotton.

A lot is demanded from modern sanitary products. Where natural raw materials do not offer adequate protection according to contemporary understanding, we add modern materials. We replicate the positive characteristics of natural fabrics through high-tech procedures and functional materials, so that we combine the best of both worlds.
Our organic pantyliners, for instance, are composed almost exclusively of organic cotton and natural fibres. Common pantyliners employ a film as a barrier. Instead, we use nonwoven fabric. Although a synthetic fibre, it is as breathable and skin-friendly as cotton. Mother nature is still the best inspiration!

By nature

More COSMEA® principles:

Made in Germany

Tradition and quality for now well over 70 years.

Our commitment to quality

High-grade raw materials & state-of-the-art technologies

Feelgood factor

Hardly noticeable and supple, like a second skin.

Balance between people and the environment

Security for her and conservation of natural resources.


Renewable natural fibres of organic quality.