About the connection between women and nature.

We believe that the issue of feminine hygiene deserves greater transparency. Because women are entitled to know what exactly they are wearing so close to their bodies and how to restore to the environment a piece of its buoyancy.
We want to talk about what we choose for our products and why. Openly and without any fine print. So that our customers not only feel comfortable when relying on us for their personal needs but also with their wish to live consciously and sustainably.
Although the already achieved milestones are proof of our longstanding experience, we rather win you over with our modern products: We by far prefer to carry our mission into the world with a quality that you can feel, see and experience for yourself day after day.

Our COSMEA milestones

Willy Pelz lays the groundwork …

… for the production of dressings and cosmetic wadding. Those were also the foundations for COSMEA®, although it was not yet clear 1948. Fast forward to 1983.

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35 years later

COSMEA® was born – pelzGROUP develops pantyliners and sanitary pads of the highest quality. With the acquisition of the production facilities and of the brand “COSMEA®” from Unilever in 1983, the business unit “Feminine hygiene” has been expanded. Our demand from COSMEA®:

Pure comfort. Every day.

Our core competencies

We are quality experts and are constantly further developing our products. Our new quality offers an improved shape stability, an optimised adhesive bond and an ideal wearing comfort. Of course, our COSMEA® pantyliners continue to be 100% breathable, guaranteed without PE film on the skin and a feel as soft as silk – you will in fact not be able to feel them at all!

Our customers love our quality

COSMEA® convinces with its quality – our regular customers are aware of this and have been using our range with pleasure for many years. We welcome this, since it brings us to our mission: Create a better standard of living with our products.


… and here we are: On the new website for COSMEA®. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION, then this is the reason for doing all of this. We look forward to seeing you!

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The minds and the makers – we are generation 4.0

Katrin Gräning

Quality Assurance

I check the quality, keep exact records on everything and watch over the compliance with our high-quality standards. The sustainability of our products is a topic especially close to my heart.

Dörte Stoldt

Marketing & Media Designer

I connect people inside and outside of our company and create designs for our products. I particularly appreciate the variety and that I can follow our products from the inception to the finished article. Our products are really good and therefore their marketing is a true passion of mine.

Angelika Paddags

Packaging Operator

I am responsible for packaging at our manufacturing line. There, I make sure that we are always well provisioned with the best materials, as our high-performing machines work extremely fast. We are a cheerful production team and laughter is an integral part of our days.

Evgenja Ortmann

Blog Editor & Social Media Consultant

I conduct interviews with our COSMEA® wonder women, research exciting topics for our COSMEA® blog and constantly think about promotional activities to make our readers happy with. Furthermore, I am the contact person for questions concerning our website and social media.

Charlott Anhorn

Blog Editor & Technical Consultant

I write the posts for our COSMEA® blog and I am always on the lookout for interesting women and their history. Additionally, I built and designed our COSMEA® website, which I keep updated with new content and activities.


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