Pantyliners with fresh fragrance

With fresh fragrance

Proven quality without compromise

SWAN_Siegel Cosmea Binden und Slipeinlagen


With their absorbent core made of natural fibres and their textile underwear protection without a foil backing, our Cosmea pantyliners provide the best conditions for a caring life in balance with nature – every single day. Thanks to the soft and breathable surface as well as their high flexibility, the leightweight pantyliners with fresh fragrance cling perfectly to the body. For the great feeling of soft fabric on your skin.

  • Content: 58
  • Dimensions: 67 x 155 mm, 2 mm thick
  • Absorbency: 1,5 of 3 drops

Special characteristics

  • Body-Form pantyliners with fresh fragrance
  • Made of 60% renewable raw materials
  • Guaranteed without plastic film
  • 100% breathable
  • soft as silk, especially kind to skin
  • Dermatologically tested “excellent”